Established in 2014, Labo LVS has thrived at the forefront of the vaping industry. Constantly improving our products, service and operations.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is setting the bar for worldwide standards in the manufacturing of e-liquids. With our vast experience in research, quality-control, manufacturing processes, product formulation and product branding, Labo LVS has the channels you need to make your vision a success.

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Labo LVS creates and fills e-liquid and closed pod systems for customers worldwide. With our ISO 9001: 2015 certified laboratory, we meet and exceed each client’s requirements and specifications. We welcome the opportunity to help you realise your vision. Labo LVS, a fully compliant, quality driven manufacturer is the edge you need to succeed.



Labo LVS has implemented a rigorous Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 certified standards. Quality standards may vary from industry to industry but at Labo LVS, we strive to exceed them all. From initial concept design to customer satisfaction surveys. All our products and actions are guided by our unwavering focus on quality.


The Labo LVS Research and Development team ensures all products used by Labo LVS pass our stringent Quality Assurance standards. We implement internal and external quality testing based on industry defined laboratory protocols in adherence with industry specifications. Our R&D team operates in a secluded, secure part of our facility designed to ensure the protection of client information and formulations of past, current and future projects.


Our team has earned a reputation as visionaries in the production of private label e-liquids.

Having created numerous successful internal brands, we are able to utilize our knowledge in the e-liquid market to create OEM brands for our business clients. We can produce from 100 to 100 000 bottles a month and ship them worldwide to retailers and distributors anywhere you need.

We can recreate your brand flavours through our R&D department using our extensive flavouring inventory. Or we can custom create your flavours based on your vision. Whether it be e-liquids or closed pod systems, Labo LVS turns your vision into reality.


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